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Smart people purchase Danish hearing devices in Denmark

Hearing Aid Denmark is a joint venture of the two most exclusive independent hearing clinics in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Furthermore, Hearing Aid Denmark is soon going to be a physical hearing clinic in central Copenhagen that offers professional, audiological, service to visitors, guests and tourists in our beautiful, historic, mansion - with the royal family in the Amalienborg castle among our closest neighbours.

In Hearing Aid Denmark we deliver the most thorough hearing tests and professional hearing aid fitting in a caring, friendly and hospitable environment. We strictly follow best practice in all respects – a standard for which we are famous among Danish hearing aid users.

We have specialised in the best hearing aids and the latest hearing aid technology offered by the three world famous Danish hearing aid companies, Oticon, Widex, and GN ReSound. Danish hearing aid design – just like Danish design in general as you know – is superior.

In Hearing Aid Denmark we will be capable of offering better prices than most markets do. So purchase your (next) hearing aids when you visit wonderful Copenhagen to ensure your far better hearing and quality in life.

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